Hayley Benoit Photography


18361154_10154333477571193_99676737_nHayley Benoit is an Independent Photographer from London,UK  Hayley Benoit started in 2011 in the Fashion Industry and is now taking on Food, Lifestyle and Travel.

Hayley Benoit’s clientele ranges Broadsheet, Pimms, Time Out, Hype DC, Fashion Journal and many more high end clients. Currently residing in New Zealand, Hayley Benoit Photography has operated in the United Kingdom and Australia

The Challenge

Based on the guidelines that Hayley Benoit set for us it was clear and direct what we needed to achieve. Hayley Benoit moved to New Zealand and was looking for an detailed SEO strategy to increase ranking her on Google and Bing for New Zealand only. Also this poses a huge challenge being a creative website with barely any text.

The main goal was to target “Hayley Benoit” to New Zealand and  to approach the SEO strategy in order to generate the right people towards the website, increase search engine visibility and most importantly keep the beautiful creative design but still carry out the optimisation.

The Solution

Our solution to the challenge was to capture on the demand for photographer in New Zealand. From existing knowledge of the industry, our system looked into the competition and scanned the analytics. It picked up on a few keywords that would help target new clientele to the website if they search “Photographer” in New Zealand”. Using Targeting and Historical Data Fluctus Group have created a long term strategy to increase NZ clientele visitors to hayleybenoit.format.com

Our focus was not traffic despite an increase of organic traffic was noticed quickly but as New Zealand being a smaller market then Australia or United Kingdom, Fluctus Group had to focus on conversions.

The defined approach is for a 12 month campaign to try to focus on conversions, stimulating a steady stream of ongoing coverage and eventually leading to substantial growth of the site’s overall impressions for the first month. This had an effect on organic sessions and, most importantly, the conversions.

The Results

+210% Increase in Website Impressions

This is based on MoM Results since we have started the SEO Strategy.  (Google Analytics)

+43% Increase in Search Engine Clicks

This is solely based on Google and Bing Search Engine Clicks MoM. (Google Analytics)

+50% Increase in Conversions

This is based on Click/Contact Ratio.

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