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Fluctus Group, a Virtual Agency is based Online (Slack is our Office). We do have a base in London for meeting purposes. Our efficient and open approach is shown through our drive to succeed and our passionate for tech. We provide a data-driven, innovative & personal service every one of our beloved clients.

Fluctus Group was started to support startups, That’s our agenda is to help businesses find cost-effective virtual solutions for outsourcing. Founded by Connor Milner who has worked in the Financial Markets and has been developing Software and Websites for 7 years (HTML and CSS). Fluctus Group was created to give support to businesses and startups. On the love for challenges the desire for beating the competition and essentially always being that step better and achieving the best results.


Virtual Assistant

  • 1-3 Months Hire
  • Business Assistance
  • Investment Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Strategy Planning

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Virtual Business Partner

  • 3 Months+ Hire
  • Executive Assistance
  • Investment Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Strategy Management

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One Time Projects

  • No Contract
  • Design
  • Consultation (Crypto)
  • Documents Creation
  • Campaign Creation

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When starting an Online Business I went to sites like Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com for outsourcing help. They are full of one stop shops for quick low quality work this is not what I needed. Study shows 30% of all businesses fail in the first two years. I believe this is because of a lack “Quality” support.  Whether you be a one man band startup or a corporation you want to take advantage of the Digital space in an inexpesive yet efficient way. This is what we do.



– Connor Benoit-Milner Founder.


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